LSU’s Improving Clinical Outcomes Network (LSU ICON), led by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, represents a partnership with the LSU Health Care Services Division (HCSD) to improve the care of patients in Louisiana.


In the context of national health care reform, health care providers are expected to be more accountable for the care they deliver from the perspectives of cost, quality and patient satisfaction. With these expectations, the infrastructure necessary to coordinate efforts across Louisiana for the purposes of improved quality and efficiency must be substantially enhanced in order to deliver higher value for patients.


Quality improvement is an assessment of a patient care problem for the purpose of improving patient care or satisfaction.  Quality improvement is a set of related activities designed to achieve measureable improvement in processes and outcomes of care, and may include peer analysis, patient or provider intervention, resolution of a problem and follow-up.  Improvements are achieved through interventions that target health care providers, practitioners, plans and/or beneficiaries.

The purpose of LSU ICON projects are to improve overall patient care and satisfaction through the examination, review and study of internal practices, processes, protocols, productivity and/or costs within the LSU Health Care System or its private partner organizations.

LSU ICON conducts quality improvement projects which may involve the analysis of existing clinical data residing in LSU administrative databases, or collecting new data from patients within the LSU Health System or its private partners.
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